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Accountancy Practice Worth
How Much Is Your Accountancy Practice Worth?​

Many are the accountants who almost feel personally insulted when they discover that their decades of hard work and excellent client service are worth nothing more than 0.8 – 1.2 times their Gross Recurring Fee. That’s what accountancy practices are usually valuated at, at the time of sale: 80 per cent to 120 per cent […]

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7 Unique Ways UK Accountancy Owners Can Reduce Stress
7 Unique Ways UK Accountancy Owners Can Reduce Stress

The stresses of being an accountant are well-documented and known. Accountancy owners have it even harder. In addition to facing the day-to-day pressures of everyday work, stress can skyrocket during times of HMRC deadlines: VAT returns, company accounts, corporation tax returns. Added to that are HR pressures and all the usual stresses of running a […]

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7 Ways to Increase Your Accountancy Firm’s Profit Margin
7 Ways to Increase Your Accountancy Firm’s Profit Margin

Accounting is a tight-margin industry. New laws and tighter regulations quickly reduce a firm’s profitability. To increase profitability in our industry, one must either: Drastically improve efficiencyOR Reduce costs How to improve efficiency in an accounting firm could easily fill a book. In this article, we will give you an overview of how to cut costs in both respects. […]

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leverage social media
6 Ways Accountants Can Leverage Social Media Effectively

A quick search for how accountants should use social media brings up post after post of how accountants should leverage LinkedIn to gain more business. But what about the other social media platforms? LinkedIn might be great for leads, but Twitter wins the battle hands-down for social engagement. And social engagement means increased brand awareness. 1. Define your social media goals A study by Sprout Social […]

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Accountancy Owner
“Should I Sell My Accountancy Practice during This Recession?”

With the UK racing “towards its fastest and deepest recession for more than a century”, according to the Bank of England, probably the idea of selling your accountancy practice has crossed your mind. With many of your staff likely furloughed, and the end of the lockdown nowhere in sight, selling your practice might seem like the only option. […]

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In House Departments
4 Uncommon In-House Departments Your Accountancy Practice Should Invest In

The accountancy industry grows ever more competitive with each passing year. Gone are the days when people considered a “good accountant” as someone who could submit their tax returns on time while possibly also saving them a hundred quid. These days, people want more services, they want flashing lights, they want speed. And, as a result of the gig […]

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Email Marketing
3 Tools to Dramatically Improve Your Accountancy Practice’s Email Marketing

Accountants are terrible marketers. Yes, I know that might be a generalisation, but it also happens to be mostly true. In our experience, the accountancy firms we take on either have no email marketing strategy in place or they have a horrible one. Email marketing can take on many forms — cold emails, emails to subscribers, emails to clients, […]

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Accountancy Practice Advisory
3 Tools to Improve Your Accountancy Practice’s Advisory Functions

An accountant is not a financial adviser/planner and should not be offering investment advice unless he is qualified to do so. But the tight-margin industry of accounting forces accountants to be able to provide more and more services that our clients consider valuable. One of those services is to advise our clients as to their cash flow and […]

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How Many Accountancy Practices
Accountancy Practices: How Many Are There in the UK?

There are 43,720 registered businesses in the UK classified under the Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) of “Accounting; bookkeeping and auditing activities; tax consultancy”. Granted, this does not mean each of the businesses is an accountancy practice, and many might only be delivering bookkeeping services. But I’ve scoured the web up and down until it sparkled […]

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Client Stories

“I didn’t want to deal with the headaches of running my practice anymore and was advised to sell it. But I didn’t want to lose out on all my hard work. Luckily I came across We Run Your Practice which was the solution to my problems. Now I sit back and take my monthly dividends.”

Peter, Practice Owner
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our advisors are able to consult with them and identify whether this is something of their interest, and if it is then we have an introducer scheme that rewards you £750 for each accountancy practice that joins us. Click here to find out more.

Absolutely, we can manage not just the accounting and client relationships, but also the full marketing and sales of your practice. Our experts will work with you closely to help you grow your practice year on year, while also increasing your goodwill and valuation.

You can either migrate your staff to our offices, or we can allocate our top-notch accountants as your new client accountants/advisors.

Our business model is unique in that we manage your entire practice (but can also manage partially, if you wish). We charge either a fixed fee or a percentage based on the size and complexity of your business.

We are proud members of the ICAEW and have many accountants qualified with a number of other institutions such as the ACCA, AAT and ATT.

We are based in London but cater to accountancy practices and their clients throughout the UK.

Once the handover process is complete we will set up monthly meetings with you to update you on your practice's performance (usually not lasting more than 1 or 2 hours).
Initially we do need to understand your accounting practice inside-out. This process will take some time so that we fully comprehend and appreciate your operations as well as your long-term strategy, allowing for a smooth and successful transition.

Positively and for the better!

You can either migrate you staff to our offices, or we can allocate top-notch accountants to your practice.

If you choose to retain your accountants, they will remain your clients' point of contact. If you choose our accountants instead, we will arrange a full handover (including a conference call between the existing accountant to our in-house accountant).

We use tons of brilliant accountancy systems to provide cutting-edge service to your clients. These systems not only add value to your pricing but also result in a superior customer experience. We are partners with a number of software providers. Here are just a few of them:

  • Senta
  • Practice Ignition
  • Taxfiler
  • Iris
  • Receipt Bank
  • Autoentry
  • eFiling
  • T Sheets
  • QuickBooks
  • Xero
  • FreeAgent
  • Sage
  • and the list goes on!
We Run Your Practice - Frequently Asked Questions