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We Run Your Practice Shortlisted for Accounting Excellence Award!

We Run Your Practice Shortlisted for Accounting Excellence Award!

Digital and Innovative Firm of the Year Finalist

We Run Your Practice has just been just shortlisted for the Accounting Excellence Digital and Innovative Firm of the Year Award!

We share this prestigious position with five other accounting firms.

As announced on Accounting Web, it has been a trying time for accountancy firms — all businesses, in fact. The COVID-19 pandemic has shaken businesses to their core, leading to layoffs and mass uncertainty.

Whether we win the award or not, I am more than proud to announce that we did not lay off a single employee as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Why would we? We were prepared for it.

Shortlisted for the Digital and Innovative Firm of the Year Award

What are the Accounting Excellence Awards?

The Accounting Excellence Awards were begun in 2010 by Accounting Web. They recognise excellence in accounting at an individual and company level.

Now in their tenth year, the Digital and Innovative Firm of the Year Award is a new category, available for the first time in 2020.

Because of the unprecedented challenges which the year of 2020 has presented to so many firms and individuals, Accounting Web also announced three new categories for this year’s awards:

  1. Covid-19 Hero award: Accounting firm
  2. Covid-19 Hero award: Supplier
  3. Covid-19 Hero award: Individual

When will the awards ceremony be held?

Following on the spate of postponed events this year — everything from movie releases to beauty pageants and anything else that requires a gathering of people — it was only to be expected that the Accounting Excellence Awards Ceremony would also be postponed.

Voting for the software awards is still open.

Originally scheduled for September 2020, the awards ceremony has now been moved to 2 February 2021. (Their website has not yet been updated to match the new ceremony date.)

Voting for the software awards is still open, until 26 October 2020.

Our clients — fellow accountants — come first

Our philosophy is that our clients come first. And our clients are accountants and other accountancy practices.

Our very business model embodies this philosophy: The only way we make money here at We Run Your Practice is if the accountancy practice under our care is making money.

We turn a higher profit when our clients turn a profit.

Offering vital services which accountants don’t have time to do

Vital services which accountants don’t have time to do

The accounting industry becomes ever more competitive, year after year. There are over 43,700 companies in the UK classified as “Accounting; bookkeeping and auditing activities; tax consultancy”.

There are more accountants in the UK than there are hairdressers.

Not only that, but HMRC continues to tighten up laws and regulations, requiring accountants to do more work within this competitive field even though they might not be able to raise their prices.

There’s only one solution to this: exceptional marketing and a Search Engine Optimised website that is a lead-generating machine.

That takes work, and it takes time. A lot of time.

This is indeed one of the services we offer: White-label marketing for accountancy practices, and an excellent website which brings in business. It is just one of the many services we offer which is innovative.

Pioneers in innovation

Our business model itself embodies the very term “innovation”. Never before — at least not to my knowledge — has such a firm as ours existed.

We are not an outsourcing company. We are an entirely new type of business that turns outsourcing on its head.

Although there is also a tremendous amount of digital innovation that goes on within our walls, the very essence of our business is innovative.


To get an idea of the sheer magnitude of digital innovation and tools we’ve implemented here at We Run Your Practice, have a look at the ebook we put together on the subject. It’s free to download, and filled with information on things you can do right now in your accountancy practice to increase its efficiency.

Free Ebook

Our business model forces us to innovate and digitalise

The only reason we can stay in business is that we do innovate. The very nature of the service we offer — workload reduction and profit increases for other accountancy firms — means we are forced to innovate constantly in order to stay on top of such a competitive field.

Also, because we work with so many different types of accountancy firms, we are able to see what works in some and what doesn’t. This gives us a panoramic view of the field and allows us to constantly implement best practices in our company.

Were it not for continual improvement of sophisticated systems at our offices, we would not be able to run as a business at all.

And, so, whether we win the award or not, we are confident that our entry for 2021 will be equally competitive, and filled with new elements of innovation that we might not even have thought of yet!

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